Drone Photography – A morning flight into the sky

I’m already a photographer. But somehow I had ignored the trend of drone photography for a long time. Until one day in 2017 when my professor offered me to fly a DJI Marvic Air that I was completely surprised by the idea, as to how astounding and fun it would be to fly one of these things. The weather was windy. But that couldn’t deter us from not flying the drone. As my professor fiddled with the drone, I was busy gawking at the controller. Once it was high up in the sky, I was immediately taken aback, as to how breathtaking and magnificent the panoramic views were, from up above. And it was at that exact moment that I knew, what this puppy-sized gadget could offer me. A new hobby and perhaps, a prospective new career opportunity.

…a few weeks later I bought my own drone.

I bought a pre-owned DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. The previous owner had replaced the 4K with a 2K camera owing to a prior crash. It was not a dealbreaker to me, as I was an inexperienced pilot myself. To be able to fly it legally in Germany, I became a member of the “Modelflug Sportverband” (Modelplane Club). This made it easier for me to get my drone insured in case of an emergency. Then I ordered a specially made fireproof sticker with my name and address on it, for the purpose of identification which is required in Germany. So I was finally all set up for my first drone photography flight.

The morning flight into the sky

To capture the perfect lighting conditions, I usually tend to take pictures either at dawn or dusk. The night before was 0° Celsius. That was going to pose a problem to operate the drone, as the batteries usually perform optimally at higher temperatures. So I had to come up with a plan. I wrapped the batteries around my hot water bag so as to keep them warm. And then I made a short trip to Jägerbrücke, where I flew my drone. To be honest, it was truly exhilarating. Below are just some of the pictures that I wanted to share with you all, showcasing my new-found drone photography enthusiasm.

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