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EcoPro is based as Auroville Unit in Tamil Nadu – India. Their goal is to improve things and implement projects for ecological prosperity because the EcoPro team knows the damaging effects of the human species on the biosphere. They want to contribute to environmental health to counteract the effects. The attention is focused on water and soil, to generate the biggest impact. They promote the integrated management of liquid and solid “waste,” environmentally friendly concepts for environmental hygiene and wastewater disposal, and sustainable methods and technologies in food production. I joined the EcopPro team as a designer, to support them with my skills. The best way I could contribute to them was with the design for a new Corporate Identity. I learned through this process that design always depends on culture and conventions. I am pleased to have been able to contribute my skills to a project with a positive impact.

Mockup-Brandguideline EcoPro

About this Corporate Identity

As a designer, you automatically get an eye for Corporate Identity and Brands. Soon after I joined the EcoPro team, I realized that their “Branding” was just a logo. This offered me the job to create a new one. The website was also very old and unstructured because no one took care of it for the last years. I developed this logo and ended up with a small brand guideline. This guide contains a key visual, a visual description of our vision meetings, corporate colors, typography, iconography & graphic style, a small material guide and a small description of good photography with some luts for matching the colors. My goal was to create a base Corporate Identity, which attracts both: the Indian and international mentality in Auroville. I am interested to see what will happen with this design in the future. Dealing with design in India doesn’t seem easy for me at all, because there is much less aware of it in the Indian culture.

EcoPro Corporate Design

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