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Concept design: How to generate new ideas in a playful and simple way

“Idea – Match what’s next” is an innovative concept for a tool/ game, which supports people to develop new ideas in a playful way. The tool contains two matching components, a card game, and an app. The biggest potential for new ideas develops when both components are used together, but they also work and can be used separately. The card game and the app are based on the main aspect that new ideas often arise by reconnecting existing ones. Possible combination contents I have divided into different categories. By random combinations of the categories and contents, the curiosity of the player is to be maintained and offers at the same time an increased potential that new original ideas develop, by the combination of unusual topics.

The Card Game

The card game is designed to bring people, even of different generations, together directly and encourages creativity through direct communication. In order to create a relaxed atmosphere (e.g. bar evenings), in which “making mistakes” and “having fun” is also allowed, the game comes together with (drinking) instructions.

App UX/ UI

The App

The app has two modes, one for sharing with the cards and one for using the app alone. This virtual deck of cards contains content created by the app’s worldwide users. Thus it offers a network aspect, increases the combination possibilities and the users expand the game continuously. The global nature also integrates the potential for new perspectives from other cultural backgrounds and linguistic limitations.

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