Fascinated visitors: Time as a visual experience

Video installation - Time tunnel - making time an experience


Videoinstallation – making time an experience.

How to make time an experience?

Time is a physical phenomenon that people perceive differently depending on their mood. In our modern world, many people feel that they have decreasing amounts of time and that little amount of time is passing even faster. Our attention span has decreased due to the many different contents that require our attention. The fast pace of social media is driving this process even further. That’s why I asked myself how time can be exhibited in such a way that it becomes a conscious experience and possibly stimulates a thought process.

The video installation “Timetunnel” is the result of this question, realized through the visual feedback of the camera and a temporal shift through a ring buffer in processing. The installation was shown at the Dessau Design Show and fascinated the visitors.


processing code video installation

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