Hello, I’m Julia Mendrok,

a designer with a passion for change, future, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

As a child of working-class „laborers“ and the mentality that goes with it, I was taught from a young age that life always follows a certain pattern. But whenever we talked about my future, I wondered why it had to be that way and why I couldn’t create my own life. I had an urge to explore and discover other paths and a feeling of not wanting to fit into these predefined standard ways of life.

It was the letter of recommendation for the Hauptschule, which was sent to my parents in the fourth grade, that shook me awake. I cried and realized that I had to take school more seriously if I wanted to be in charge of my own life. With this attitude, I managed to get through the 2nd level education path to a Master of Arts. Besides, I started to explore my urge to research, learn and discover with books from philosophy and sociology and to seek freedom in creative hobbies such as the art club at school, amateur theatre, or poetry slam. In a way, these hobbies were the beginning of my career, and studying design in Dessau shaped this potential into my profession.

The ability and responsibility to design, solve problems and make people’s lives easier and more beautiful have become my passion. And this passion is urgently needed in times of change and crisis right now. My Mission is to help design a brighter tomorrow and to inspire people for new possibilities and change.

Have a look at what I achieved so far: 🙂

2021 — Master of Arts degree,  „Intermedia Design“ in Dessau

2020 — Top 20 Winner Projects at the #WirVsVirus Hackathon

2018 — Bachelor of Arts degree, „Integrated Design“ in Dessau

2017 — Deutschlandstipendium

2017 — Nomination film music competition, »Kurzsuechtig«

2013 — U20, Poetry Slam champion, Baden-Württemberg