Hello, I’m Julia Mendrok M.A.

A designer with a passion for innovation, who wants to inspire people and co-create the future

My passion for design started with writing quirky poetry slam texts, which I performed as a slammer in smoky pubs all over Germany. Through a performance at the “Sommerwerft” festival in Frankfurt (Main), I got to know the international street theatre “Antagon”, which made me aware of how limited words actually are. You only understand texts if you know the language and the cultural area, which is why most of the theatre ensemble didn’t understand me.

This experience inspired me to look for another design craft – one that works independently of language. It had to be visual and through my poetry slam friends at that time I came to photography. I was enthusiastic about photography right from the start and decided to get more involved with it and even do an internship with a professional photo designer.

From photography to a global understanding of design

Photography served as a starting point when I was looking for an apprenticeship or a university degree and finally led me to design. A discipline that, in addition to my enthusiasm for photography, promised me to be able to discover the creative horizon and turn it into a profession. In Dessau, near the Bauhaus, I found the perfect study program for this purpose. I did both the B.A. Integrated Design and the M.A. Intermedia Design there.

Design is the study of creation and, depending on the project and goal, requires different craft methods for its realization. During my studies, I understood that practically everything created by humans is designed. It is all around us and the task of a designer is to shape the world, closely linked to industry. It’s to create our world or completely new worlds in films, games, or virtual realities.

“Form follows function” and solves problems

The integrated study is based on the “form follows function” thoughts of the Bauhaus and tries to adapt them for the 21st century. Today, of course, it is no longer only furnishings that are designed, instead, the entire design domain has evolved. Design is increasingly becoming a visible and invisible strategic basis that can make the difference between the success and failure of entire companies.

The connection to Bauhaus has had a strong influence on my design philosophy, which is why I see design primarily as the creation of solutions to problems with the aim of making people’s lives easier and more beautiful. Design is a skill with responsibility, which is urgently needed especially in times of change and crisis. I want to use my skills to inspire people and create a better future for all.


2020 — Top 20 Winner Projects at the #WirVsVirus Hackathon

2017 — Deutschlandstipendium

2017 — Nomination film music competition, »Kurzsuechtig«

2013 — U20, Poetry Slam champion, Baden-Württemberg